Monday, December 22, 2008

Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

You don't exist


Another nonbeliever
stab Pictures, Images and Photos

God Won't Win

I might just kill her
Stab her non existent heart with my sharp knives
But for now her I'll just kill her with my words
Hoping that karma will come through
If there is a God, I will pray that the cockroaches of the world
Will not survive the nuclear war
She is the leader of the cockroaches
And even if I must fight God for his thrown 
Just to throw her into Hell
So be it, I will stomp and trample you 
Like the worthless bug you are

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And So the World Turns

And so the world turns
Along with my vision, along with my thoughts
All swallowed                   up by the dizziness
He is no friend of mine
The sound of the telephone 
And the sound of the television
Morph together and become the blur
Make it stop
I'll soon throw up

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What does a smile say?
I missed you.....
I love you.....
You're cute....
You're funny....
I'm utterly and completely 

How nice a smile is. 

I really liked this painting. It's Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and she looks utterly and completely happy. Like she knows the secrets of the world. 

The painting is by Dan Lacey. Painter of Pancakes.
And to paint such wonderful and joyful people must mean that he is utterly and completely happy. And he wants to share that happiness with his canvas. 

I only dream that one day, even for just a minute. That I will be utterly and completely happy. And that my smile will tell you exactly how I'm feeling. 

What would you do if a guy strung you along, and then decided that he wanted someone else?
Because he liked them more
And then he told people that you liked him and you chased after him
And that he never flirted back
Even though you know perfectly well that he did 
Because you still have the messages to prove it
I barely know him but I can't deny that my feelings are hurt in a way I couldn't have imagined
My pride is shattered 
I hate being anyone's lost puppy

Oh dear God, what have I done
Another day missed
Another argument awaits
How many times will I break these promises
How long until someone finds me and forces me out of hiding
I know that day is soon
And yet 
I let it Spiral

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fuck the Eighties Purple

I try and put my emotions into words but I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't seem to do any good.
For example, when I tried to explain how I felt two days ago, it came out as something like this

  I want to roll around on the floor and fuck the eighties purple

........ yeah

The Beginning of the Nonsense

Words are lovely.
and cellar
and daggers
and eloquent

and other such nonsense I suppose.